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There goes Life passing by!!! May 14, 2009

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I’m at this stand still. Or so i think?!

Okay– let me just say i love my life!! i love my husband my daughter my apartment, i am generally and overall happy. So now that that’s out there because i do not want anyone thinking I’m ungrateful.

Obviously its hard times for Americans, and we are no exception in this matter.  Mr.Man just graduated college and is trying to find a good job. But its not like that is easy. So its stressful. And i have opted to not work or go to school until our daughter is a bit older. (she’s almost 5 months) why you ask?! well, its really quite complicatedly simple!! 🙂 🙂

A.Even if i did work some dead-end minimum wage job that i hated and wished every minute to be back home with my daughter, i would only make enough to pay for her daycare (if that).

B. I do not want to send her to daycare. Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against anyone who sends their children to daycare i just don’t want to. if anything I’d want someone i knew watching her, like my mother or my mother-in-law. (i hate calling her that. there is such a bad image that comes with mother-in-law and she is the best) 🙂

C. whats the point of going to work to help pay the bills if we are only going to add another one (daycare) and therefore my crappy job would barely pay for that.

So we have prayed and deliberated and decided, that i will be a stay at home mom for now. I would love to go back to college, but then of course I’d have to go to school and work. So for now, college and work is not in the cards for me. Did i mention i never ever thought I’d be a stay at home mom. i mean really i just knew i was gonna be the working type. Funny how things change isn’t it?

But now that I’ve been out of work and school for this long i feel so… out of touch…okay no! not the right words. i don’t know i just feel like everyone is moving forward, and i’m just kinda hanging around. so lately things have been getting more tight, so i think i will be looking for some sort of weekend job. which i am excited and not so excited about.

Why?? well is it not obvious?!! i like staying home with my daughter 24/7. i am sooo terrified i will miss something. but, at the same time i need a little break. SO i guess we will see how this how works out.

I am hoping when she is a year or so i can start cosmetology school. i was gonna start a few months back, but i simply don’t have the heart to leave her with anyone else that much. especially now, i mean i want to be the one to see her do all her “FIRSTS”.

So i am very thankful i get to be a stay at home mom, but i will be looking forward to when i get to start being productive with my life. 🙂 🙂

well, i think i got out what i wanted to and rambled enough that its time to go. 🙂



Being A Good Wife…. May 4, 2009

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Tougher than i ever thought!!!

So i definately believe than my husband is the head of the household and he should be taking charge and being the boss (ya know what i mean). But i get so much into my own routine during the day while he is gone at work that when he comes home i’m still in charge mode where i’m the boss. And its not like i’m bossy or mean usually by any means… i just say get me this please do this please little things like that. I’ve been trying to work on it. Especially when a week or so ago i was sitting there thinking wow not only are we wives to our husbands but also to god, and how great of a wife am i being to both? I’m trying but i do think i could do better. I need to be more aware of how i say and do things to him because while they affect me one way they affect him completely different. And thats okay, its just hard to remember. I’m reading this book for women only. i really recommend it. The things we think are disrespectful are sometimes totally opposite. but thats what makes us individuals huh? Men and women take everything so differently its no wonder they get into so many fights, and thank God me and William usually only have little tiffs. And we have been blessed with the ability to work through everything very well. But still in this world full of so much divorce i’m really starting to understand why. i still think its wrong. but i wish everyone could read the for men only and for women only. it would really help i think. we are naturally selfish creatures but if we could just for one second think of the other person it would make our lives easier. if your spouse hates it when you ask him/her to do a million little things right when they get home limit it or give them a little time to rest. if you spouse hates it when you leave the iron and ironing board out put it away before you leave even if your gonna use it later. Little things to make each others lives and days go smoother go a long way.

Well, anyway i was just sitting here thinking about this… 🙂




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charlestonSo we went to Charleston this weekend in hopes to sign William up for the airforce, but unfortunately they weren’t there. So we are gonna have to go to Columbia. He has to take this test and what not. But anyway i got to see and spend time with my friend and her little girl. it was good. Our apartment is finally organized and cleaned. i finished it tonight and i feel so less stressed!! but i do think its funny cuz it was 8 o’clock and i said to William what would you like to do ( Scarlet was down for the night) but he was like wht to you mean and i said the house is clean Scarlet is asleep no school!!! OHMMGEE!!  lol. Had homegroup tonight and we are starting to read In a pit with a lion on a snowy day.. i’ve actually read some of it it’s quite good so i’m excited. I was sitting in church today and noticed there weren’t very many ppl and thought it was odd. where is everyone. anyway things are calming down a bit and i know something will happen soon lol. its inevitable… but still enjoying getting the hang of everything finally. watching fox news this weekend i can’t help but laugh and be sad at how ignorant and mean ppl are. Well, early night for us!! 🙂 🙂 Goodnight..