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Being A Good Wife…. May 4, 2009

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Tougher than i ever thought!!!

So i definately believe than my husband is the head of the household and he should be taking charge and being the boss (ya know what i mean). But i get so much into my own routine during the day while he is gone at work that when he comes home i’m still in charge mode where i’m the boss. And its not like i’m bossy or mean usually by any means… i just say get me this please do this please little things like that. I’ve been trying to work on it. Especially when a week or so ago i was sitting there thinking wow not only are we wives to our husbands but also to god, and how great of a wife am i being to both? I’m trying but i do think i could do better. I need to be more aware of how i say and do things to him because while they affect me one way they affect him completely different. And thats okay, its just hard to remember. I’m reading this book for women only. i really recommend it. The things we think are disrespectful are sometimes totally opposite. but thats what makes us individuals huh? Men and women take everything so differently its no wonder they get into so many fights, and thank God me and William usually only have little tiffs. And we have been blessed with the ability to work through everything very well. But still in this world full of so much divorce i’m really starting to understand why. i still think its wrong. but i wish everyone could read the for men only and for women only. it would really help i think. we are naturally selfish creatures but if we could just for one second think of the other person it would make our lives easier. if your spouse hates it when you ask him/her to do a million little things right when they get home limit it or give them a little time to rest. if you spouse hates it when you leave the iron and ironing board out put it away before you leave even if your gonna use it later. Little things to make each others lives and days go smoother go a long way.

Well, anyway i was just sitting here thinking about this… 🙂




One Response to “Being A Good Wife….”

  1. twincam07 Says:

    🙂 im sure that things will run smoother. Yall are so good for each other. You bring out the best in each other…and you make something beautiful. I see the love that yall have each other…and it confuses me when yall bicker. (not to mention the facial expression Weum makes…its heartbreaking.) lol. Love yall.

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