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I feel old and i’m so not old. June 29, 2009

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So i used to have this car


She was great!! She was fast, and a 5 spd!! I LOVED HER!! but it just well, wasn’t great for a baby and traveling. I miss her very much.

So my hubby dearest Bought me this!!

blog 016

Its the best!! i love her just as much!!! just for different reasons.

But, last night after grocery shopping these 4 teeny boppin iced-coffee drinkin girls were bumpin there music and flew up in front of me. So at the light i got beside them and they took off and were trying to race me. (its not like my new car is slow) I just didn’t want to be responsible for the 4 no seatbelt wearing teeny boppin iced-coffee drinkin girls wrecking. I won’t brag or anything, but i am fairly good at “takin” ppl when it comes to driving. But i couldn’t even really try, i was like i’m 21 yrs old with a 6 month old with groceries in the car. But it really did make me sad, i just kept thinking i’m soo old in this darn SUV!!! But, A. I’m not. B. Its an awesome car.So after i was done having a melt down (when i woke up this morning) lol. I realized how stupid it was. I couldn’t believe i really got upset over that. And especially when i was soo excited and so proud of myself with all the groceries we jsut bought for all the meals it would make and not much money spent i was just sooo excited!! πŸ™‚ So i am done whining and being upset that i’m not one of those silly teeny boppin iced-coffee drinkin girls. Because instead i’m a pay my own bills drive my own car wine drinkin kids music bumpin mom!!! AND I”M PROUD TO BE THAT!!! Not to mention if they ever shout obscene things out the car at me again, i will run them over with my great car covered with great insurance and kick their…. oh wait sorry thats the red head coming out of me. No bad Lauren keep your cool. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ lol.

Ohh, and most importantly i get to look at this everyday.

blog 001blog 005blog 085

Oh and my flower is still alive, and not just alive but still blooming flowers!!! πŸ™‚ Isn’t she soo cute?!!!!


Yes, i am that crrazay blogging reading twittering don’t let my daughter out of my sight type. June 25, 2009

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Blogging is something i have done for a long time. I’ve had many many blogs, from Countless Myspace accounts, Bloggers,Xangas..on and on. I love to sit down and write about anything i want to. Even though i know some people won’t get what i write about or even care i still love to write. But this is purely for me. So that i can have an outlet. Something to keep me busy, outside of being a stay at home mom.

I also love to read. I probably follow over 15 blogs, and yes i do read them all. I absolutely love love love to read. I also try to read to many books at once, i just get soo excited about more than one i can’t wait to start each of them. For instance right now I’m trying to finish up The Shack. I really do mean read about anything i love to research stuff. I could stay on-line all night long (which night time is most convenient for me since i have a 6 month old) but anyway i could just stay up reading and learning about stuff i didn’t know before. From history to politics to medical just whatever!! πŸ™‚

I am very fascinated to read about all these people that are so organic. My dream would be to have a farm and grow all our own plants and have chickens and cows… ya but that’s justΒ  a dream. But hopefully when we get out of this apartment we will plant some vegetables.

I am also that first time mom who doesn’t want to leave her baby with anyone!! I know it really is crazy but i have become better, a very select and trusted few have watched her. This is for multiple reason besides trust issues. One being I’m afraid I’ll miss something new that she does. That would just break my heart.

Yes i am a 21 year old stay at home mom of a 6 month old and yes i have only been married since March 7, 2009. (its been a Great almost 4 months!!) No i did not marry my husband because i had his baby (seriously some of the things ppl say) I married him for his good looks Period end of story!! Anyway, Yes i love him more than anyone will ever know. My daughter and My husband are my WHOLE world. Yes my husband works. No, we are not poor. No we are not rich. I am trying to finish school, and may or may not go back to work. Why go to school if i might not go back to work? What if something happened and i had to start supporting the family? Yes sometimes i miss working.

I am slowly but surely deciding we will never need cable again. Convincing my husband of that is another story, but we haven’t had it since January.

I will home-school my daughter and any future children we have πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I love and hate technology all at the same time. I love the Internet and hate it. I do twitter. I used to be a text messaging addict, but now that i have a family I’m not the cool 21 yr old i used to be. which is fine with me. Soi twitter instead and i like that. πŸ™‚ plus lots of people at my church do it so its fun to stay in touch through the day. I think its funny that I’ve been doing all this for years and its just now becoming popular. I used to do Justintv. before that i love to browse through the channels.

I’m a total people watcher. I refuse to sit in a restaurant with my back turned towards peopleΒ  (unless i have to). Because i love to observe everyone and everything.

I love my church, and i am trying everyday to build a strong faithful trusting relationship with God. It’s not easy, but not as hard as i thought. It was so much easier when i was younger and didn’t have as many choices. I’m trying to do as many bible studies as i can, it just fascinates me with how much i thought i knew but i really don’t. And then how much i know but i thought i didn’t.

I have become a complete homebody. I’m completely content with staying home, and seeing only my husband and daughter and dog and cat for days. My husband is the opposite he must get out. Which is good, he balances me out. I used to not be this way, but thing change.

One day when i have my own blog, and not one through a hosting site, (i will hopefully in a couple months) I will sit down and write MY STORY. I’m very much addicted to blogging and reading blogs. Have i said that already?


I am very happy and content with where my life is going. I hope to continue to grow in my relationship with God my husband and my daughter. πŸ™‚


Why i don’t have Cable.

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Today i had to take my daughter to the doctor again… for the third time in two weeks!! But, of course if he would have just listened to me in the beginning when i told him what i thought it was this could have been taken care of last week. But let me stop being rude, and be grateful and thankful he did the x-ray and we caught it now before it got to bad. She has bronchitis! Which i just recently had, so i told him that’s probably what it was. But ya know, I’m just a 21 year old stay at home first time mom. There i go being rude again. I’m sorry. I really will try to refrain from anymore of that. I really do love her doctor he was all my siblings and my pediatrician… so he’s been our families doctor for over 21 years. Anyway, back to something maybe y’all want to hear about?!
How ironic is it that i just wrote a post about marriage and affairs and then this whole Sanford thing comes out?!! I really am disappointed. I saw it in the waiting room at the x-ray place today, because at the Pedi’s office they play cartoons (i like that much better) I really did like Sanford though. So this is like UGH!! And he has 4 kids!!! 4 Boys!!! Did he think about them or his wife or his state he is representing?!!! What will those boys think of marriage now?!! It makes me so sad. But this is why we don’t have cable because

A. its a waste of money

B. i don’t watch it now so i don’t NEED it

C. everything that comes on is negative and disappointing

I do not think what he did is okay at all. But i do hope somehow they can work through this?! I can’t imagine going through that and i can’t imagine how i would handle it. Honestly i would need my church to seriously step in and help. But anyway, I want to move on because i don’t want to talk about this any longer.

So its about 2:30 AM here, and yes i’m still up. Why?! Because I’m a women and women clean and don’t sleep when they are stressed or upset. (especially when that special month comes.) But while i was cleaning i was looking around at all we have… and btw we just started out. I am just so thankful for all that God has blessed us with. But at the same time… WE HAVE SOOO MUCH STUFF!!! And with Scarlet being our first baby i have really learned A LOT what to do what not to do… all that good information. I’m going to write a book one day. It’ll be a BEST SELLER!! y’all just wait. I have learned that for some reason you clean and organize really well at the late hours of the night. Weird considering I’m sooo tired!!Β  Speaking of… I’m going to bed.


Single Mom Revolution June 23, 2009

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The Single Mom Revolution

Have you heard?

I follow a few woman’s blogs and twitter feeds who are beyond amazing to me!! πŸ™‚ And i am not a single mom, i am a full time stay at home mom. I do all of it, while my awesome hubby works and takes care of us. But even though I’m married they still give me hope and inspiration. I enjoy reading their storys and their day to day activities. One day i might write my story. Its interesting i think, full of lots of tears, turmoil, love, big decisions… hmm. If i had the courage to write it. πŸ™‚ There is a lot involved though. A lot happened in the past few years of my life and writing about it would be great, but well i have to let a few people aware that i will be writing it and inform them they will be on the internet. HA!! Of course i will NOT use their names. But anyway, please take some time to check these women out.I enjoy their blogs and tweeting with them i think you will as well. Please take the time to read their blogs and find their twitter pages, i will try to post their twitter pages on tomorrow i’m exhausted. But read their storys if nothing else. πŸ™‚Β  Their pages are all easy to navigate around.

4 single moms and also the blog

This is the single momsΒ  radio show that will be aired tomorrow (6/23, 10 am PT/1 pm ET

Modern Married Momma

Ms Single Mama

The Pioneer Woman

Happy Housewife

Petite Mommy


So please check these out. πŸ™‚

( i feel like i forgot some so if soo i’m sooo sorry. 😦



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I know I know… i suck as a blogger. I have to do better with posting more often. 😦 I’m soo sorry.Β  Will the blogging world forgive me? Anyway, lots to catch up on.


Yes, i did it i killed the fail whale. 😦  I know I’m a terrible awful no good person. But, for my defense he started it by showing up on my twitter and telling me I’m twittering too much or twitter is jammed. Whatever!! He had it coming. But i did feel bad afterwards for like…. ten seconds i even thought about going to confession. But, I’m not catholic. So i said a prayer and asked for forgiveness.

(Note: The vehicle didn’t move until she was safely in her car-seat, daddy likes to do silly things like this lol.)


We got Her dedicated at church this past Sunday. It was great!! πŸ™‚ Its kinda like an infant baptism just minus the water. We promised the church to raise her in a good Godly home. And the church promised to help us.

blog 004blog 009

My hubby got his XBOX 360 in the mail. And he was EXTREMELY excited. In fact at this moment he is setting it up. He is so adorable. I am so thankful to have him. πŸ™‚

blog 023blog 028

Okay i have noo clue how it hot this bad. But it happens.

blog 015

Ugh!! Sooo messy!! πŸ™‚

So, i have been thinking a lot these past couple days. For multiple reasons, one people that are near and dear to our heart have experienced this, and people we don’t know very well and those we don’t know at all. But i am talking about cheating and divorce. It is breaking my heart it really is. How can people not value marriage like this. How has marriage become such an unimportant thing? How can someone not value their spouse and their children that much?Β  It really upsets me when children are involved. It also scares me, I trust my husband more than anyone (he’s right below God) but its still nerve-wrecking when you see it happening so much. I just hate that all these men women and children have to go through this turmoil. I wish the value and respect and people and marriage would come back.

That being said, to all those single parents out there i have a EMENSE amount of respect for you. So i don’t want anyone to think i’m thinking any negative thoughts toward anyone. Really my heart just goes out to anyone in this situation. But i respect anyone out there who has gone through this and is moving forward. I won’t say moving on because i wonder if anyone really moves completely on from this? My mom was married to my “Father” (its in quotes because he isn’t my dad by any means) and then she remarried MY DAD. But that man without going in detail has ruined so much in my life and the lives of others. But i guess this is the point he never thought of me or my sister or his other children by other women, he isn’t even thinking of himself. Just of his wants his own selfish wants. So i guess thats it people only are thinking of their selfish wants at the moment and then they destroy lives, including theirs. Anyway, just some random thoughts.

On another note i’m doing this great bible study, that i’m very excited about. Its called Anointed Transformed Redeemed By Priscilla Shirer Beth Moore & Kay Arthur. I don’t get all of the homework done but i try. I usually try to go back when i have time through the months and finish it all up.

Anyway, i hope ALL the dads had a great Fathers Day.


Ohh Blog world where art thou… June 19, 2009

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Sorry i haven’t blogged in a while. It wasn’t for a lack of wanting to, thing have been crazy here. I’ve had a unwell baby. For those of you who have kids you know what that means. Although, i must say she is a fairly happy sick baby. But i always blog during her nap times or at night.

A.She has had no naps this week

B.When night time comes i’m exhausted

C.Me and my husband dedicated this week to spending time together.

Now to discuss these. πŸ™‚Β  My poor baby girl refused to nap this week, it really was sad. I could get her to take a little nap, ALMOST everyday at about 4:30. Which by then i was so exhausted and 4:30 in the afternoon is not time for blogging especially when your tired, i would have sound like a blabbing idiot. Somehow or another this week turned into me and my hubby spending good quality time together. Which i am not complaining, i LOVED IT!!Β  We watched movies and talked… and ya know all that married couple stuff. Some of which would just be inappropriate to mention. But anyway, while driving down the road we saw a snake and just so everyone knows i totally got out and saved it and made it go into the woods. And it totally reared up at me!! I WAS JUST TRYING TO KEEP IT FROM GETTING RUN OVER. But it was just trying to be defensive. I wish i would have got a video of how fast it moved, or how it went over the curb it was amazing! But that i didn’t. I did get a picture of it hanging out in the road though. Ohh, and my husband totally objected to me getting out and trying to rescue it. He didn’t like it at all. But in the end he helped me. πŸ™‚

blog 006

He’s all like what man i’m just hanging out?!

blog 005

Yes, i am that person that tries to save the bugs in the house first and then if that fails i will kill it. Well, i will try to not slack anymore on blogging. πŸ™‚Β Β  Oh, has anyone read the shack?Β  I’m just finishing it up. Great book. You should really read it. Also reading In a Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day. I love to read, always up for great suggestion. And since i have been blogging i have been reading blogs for even longer, and i have come across quite a few book giveaways, so i am thinking of doing some myself here soon. We’ll see though, i am fondly attached to my books. But some i have multiples and some just are soo good they need to be passed on. And is it just me or are books getting more and more expensive? SO i figure we aren’t the only ones feeling this “Great Economy” we are in…. (sarcastic?) anyway, so i think i will be going through my books to do that. But of course i need to get my numbers up on ppl that read my blog, and not just that read it because if you are reading and not commenting how will i know if you liked it or didn’t?!! So please comment. πŸ™‚ As always thank you for reading! πŸ™‚

baptism 009

Isn’t she just soo cute!! πŸ™‚Β  She has a little milk on her nose!! OH i just looovve her!!! I would hope so huh?!


It figures June 15, 2009

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Well, this Sunday went well. The family went to the baptism at our church. Cedar Creek Our church has recently started a Multi-Site, which means in a nut shell and easy terms. We have our main church building which is quite large in comparison in our town, and then we have two other sites. One on the Other side of town, and one in a little town off the interstate. Now this is not for convenience because yes people travel a little ways to get to our church, and that’s great that you are called that much to our church but the point of these multi sites are to get the unchurched CHURCHED not to have a religion but a relationship, and for those already in church to serve and grow in relationships with not just GOD but people. NOw that also goes for the unchurched. But anyway, we had our baptism and went out to eat afterwards… and i couldn’t believe it, let me just say i really hate complaining about stuff but i ask for a SWEET TEA and i was very parched because its so darn hot in this town. SO after a while (we did have a huge group of like 26 so i expected it to take a while) i got NON sweet tea but the poor guy who was our waiter and (NONE OTHER THAN MY EX BOYFRIEND) was working really hard to serve all of us. So i drank it anyway, but i ask for a lemon and he brought me this. baptism 033This is what the world has come to more packaged crap. (sorry for my negativity i just gotta get this out) But packaged up crystallized lemon packets. that took for ever to dissolve so for a while i was like GROSS. But they finally did. I won’t lie either tasted just like i squeezed a lemon in my cup, but i was just sad i enjoy the real lemon. But i know/realize this is more cost effective, so i will kindly accept this and give them a break. But i still am a little disappointed.

On another note i had a great time hanging out with everyone. I also cooked Baked spaghetti today for us and another couple we are close to. And we kinda tore into it so fast i only have a before it was baked picture but it was very very good.

baptism 003

It was sooo easy too!!
I am soo bad about measuring but this is basically what i did.

1 1/2 lb of ground beef

1 lb noodles (i also break mine in half)

Sauce of your choice ( i buy the big plastic jug of it because you put it in the fridge and reuse it but i used about little over half of that)

Colby Jack Cheese



Now for the instructions (again sorry my ingredients aren’t exact.)

I make the meat and the noodles at the same time, i always put a little oil in with my noodles. When the meat is finished cooking and has been strained pour in the sauce (it doesn’t need to be cook just mixed well it will bake in the oven) Then i grease the pan or casserole dish you are going to bake the spaghetti in. Strain both the noodles and the meat, but if you do the meat first please remember wash the strainer. Then pour your noodles in the dish, then put the Colby jack (or cheddar) on top of the noodles, the pour on the meat/sauce. Then sprinkle the Mozzarella all over the top how much will depend on how much you like cheese (i like a lot) then i sprinkle on Parmesan cheese you can use fresh or the kind in the shaker. Turn on your oven to 375 and back for 30 minutes 25 if your oven gets hotter than normal. You know your oven i hope so it just depends. This is a great dish that you can make easily and quick. Also for future reference, you can freeze this dish before you bake it and then just stick it in your oven when your ready to eat it.

And this is for Erica, My fellow sista blogger. πŸ™‚Β  If you notice this is a blank (okay i already started but you get the idea) blog post and below the subject like you will see where it says Upload/Insert click the little square with a even smaller square inside it. Then click select files then it will upload and crunch it, then it will give you options to align it to the left right center or middle anyway pick however you want it. and it will post it in your blog, and then you can’t grab it and drag it to where in the blog you would like it. Sometimes if WordPress is acting good you can put your insertion point the little thing that moves while you type where you want your picture and it will post there and then sometimes it wont. anyway hope this was helpful. I love you and your blog!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ see ya soon!baptism 001