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People Amaze me…Ohh and my flower bloomed June 12, 2009

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So, i wonder if people would still the terrible awful things they were saying if they new who was sitting right there nearby?  If you think a church or a group of people are so terrible then why may i ask are you still going there? so you can have the pleasure of gossiping with your girlfriends out in a public place where you know people can hear your overbearinly loud voices? “I’m just saying”.  Or here is a thought if you really felt bold go to those people your talking about or the pastor. Or FIND ANOTHER CHURCH!  But to sit there and bad mouth the church you go too… and by your statement you rarely attend anyway whats the point? And if you knew who was sitting around you would you still say those things. I really wanted to ask these questions to these ladies but, i thought whats the point they don’t care, and as much fun as it would have been to embarrass them for acting that way i knew that wasn’t my job or right. So i left it alone and knew i could blog about it. 🙂   But really you should think about who is listening to the things your saying.

On a different note look at my flower blooming and this wierd looking bug hanging out on the leaf.

flower 001flower 005 It was pretty creepy looking. I don’t know for sure but i think its some sort of moth? Or at least that’s what i am telling myself because i was getting all up in its business to take a picture!! 🙂

Oh and of course here is the beautiful Scarlet doing her thang!! 🙂 🙂

new car & Scarlet 047

new car & Scarlet 054She is so darn cute i can’t help but take 50 Million photo’s a day. 🙂  And she is such a good sport for it all.


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