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PRAISE!! June 12, 2009

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So, My hubby dearest got this GRRREAAAT job offer today!! 🙂 I’m just well extremely excited!!! for Soo many reasons.

1. He has worked very hard for a long time now and he deserves this.
2. It will be nice to not be so financially stressed.
3. I hate our apartment and would love to get into a house by Christmas.
4. He has never been on a plane and I’d love to go on a nice vacation with him somewhere we have to fly to.
5. My car needs to be fixed along with his.

But i will stop there because, well i could go on forever with the things that need to be done. LoL.

Okay, so yesterday i was watching MTV movie awards online (which i never do because i think MTV is a joke) But here i found myself watching it.. and either I’m so uncool now that i just don’t get the humor or its really just that stupid. When i was younger (as if i am old 🙂 } i found celebrities to be so cool and fascinating. Now i just find them to be sad. There were a few scenes that really just perturbed me. But after exiting out of it not even halfway through i sat there and found myself thinking, okay?? is it just me or was that a complete waste of time and money on every ones part. And it seemed to be very cheaply done it just seemed very cheesy and poorly choreographed and i don’t know it was just all around bad. For Example!!

I guess its probably all supposed to be like this anyway to make ratings and get people talking but really?

On a different note…. Now i know just how expensive healthcare is in this country. And wow it is pricey!! Thats all i will say on that note.

On another note, i’m trying so desperately to finish my book The Shack, i’m just always so busy i never have the time. Although i guess i could be reading instead of blogging, hmmm…. Nah!!! 🙂 🙂

There is this new movie coming out called UP It looks totally cute!!! 🙂 🙂 Its it theaters now and you should go see it too!! i think it might be the official first movie my 6 month old daughter sees. lol. Thats how bad i want to see it. :p

Sometimes i really amaze myself on how well i keep me and my hubbys stuff together, and if i went into detail i’d be here all day. BUT today i really impressed myself i felt like i just organized a bunch of rubul after a tornado perfectly. 🙂

Anyway i think i’m gonna hit the hay!!


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