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It figures June 15, 2009

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Well, this Sunday went well. The family went to the baptism at our church. Cedar Creek Our church has recently started a Multi-Site, which means in a nut shell and easy terms. We have our main church building which is quite large in comparison in our town, and then we have two other sites. One on the Other side of town, and one in a little town off the interstate. Now this is not for convenience because yes people travel a little ways to get to our church, and that’s great that you are called that much to our church but the point of these multi sites are to get the unchurched CHURCHED not to have a religion but a relationship, and for those already in church to serve and grow in relationships with not just GOD but people. NOw that also goes for the unchurched. But anyway, we had our baptism and went out to eat afterwards… and i couldn’t believe it, let me just say i really hate complaining about stuff but i ask for a SWEET TEA and i was very parched because its so darn hot in this town. SO after a while (we did have a huge group of like 26 so i expected it to take a while) i got NON sweet tea but the poor guy who was our waiter and (NONE OTHER THAN MY EX BOYFRIEND) was working really hard to serve all of us. So i drank it anyway, but i ask for a lemon and he brought me this. baptism 033This is what the world has come to more packaged crap. (sorry for my negativity i just gotta get this out) But packaged up crystallized lemon packets. that took for ever to dissolve so for a while i was like GROSS. But they finally did. I won’t lie either tasted just like i squeezed a lemon in my cup, but i was just sad i enjoy the real lemon. But i know/realize this is more cost effective, so i will kindly accept this and give them a break. But i still am a little disappointed.

On another note i had a great time hanging out with everyone. I also cooked Baked spaghetti today for us and another couple we are close to. And we kinda tore into it so fast i only have a before it was baked picture but it was very very good.

baptism 003

It was sooo easy too!!
I am soo bad about measuring but this is basically what i did.

1 1/2 lb of ground beef

1 lb noodles (i also break mine in half)

Sauce of your choice ( i buy the big plastic jug of it because you put it in the fridge and reuse it but i used about little over half of that)

Colby Jack Cheese



Now for the instructions (again sorry my ingredients aren’t exact.)

I make the meat and the noodles at the same time, i always put a little oil in with my noodles. When the meat is finished cooking and has been strained pour in the sauce (it doesn’t need to be cook just mixed well it will bake in the oven) Then i grease the pan or casserole dish you are going to bake the spaghetti in. Strain both the noodles and the meat, but if you do the meat first please remember wash the strainer. Then pour your noodles in the dish, then put the Colby jack (or cheddar) on top of the noodles, the pour on the meat/sauce. Then sprinkle the Mozzarella all over the top how much will depend on how much you like cheese (i like a lot) then i sprinkle on Parmesan cheese you can use fresh or the kind in the shaker. Turn on your oven to 375 and back for 30 minutes 25 if your oven gets hotter than normal. You know your oven i hope so it just depends. This is a great dish that you can make easily and quick. Also for future reference, you can freeze this dish before you bake it and then just stick it in your oven when your ready to eat it.

And this is for Erica, My fellow sista blogger. 🙂  If you notice this is a blank (okay i already started but you get the idea) blog post and below the subject like you will see where it says Upload/Insert click the little square with a even smaller square inside it. Then click select files then it will upload and crunch it, then it will give you options to align it to the left right center or middle anyway pick however you want it. and it will post it in your blog, and then you can’t grab it and drag it to where in the blog you would like it. Sometimes if WordPress is acting good you can put your insertion point the little thing that moves while you type where you want your picture and it will post there and then sometimes it wont. anyway hope this was helpful. I love you and your blog!!! 🙂 🙂 see ya soon!baptism 001


3 Responses to “It figures”

  1. klipa Says:

    Dear MissLaurenn,
    Arrrghhhhhhh!! I have tried and tried to link and I can’t do it!!! I just need to sit down with you and have you SHOW me…I am a visual and hands on learner! Are you busy this week??? Can we get together sometime and you can help me FIGURE THIS OUT???? I am such a dinosaur….

  2. klipa Says:

    P.S. Thank you SO much for TRYING to help me. It’s not your fault I am a dinosaur…

  3. misslaurenn Says:

    Yes yes i will be happy to get together!! 🙂 🙂 I’m not busy, i’d love to help. And don’t worry your not a dinosaur, this stuff is confusing and complicated. Once you get it you’ll be like OHH!! 🙂 A lot of it is just messing around, and you slowly learn. Just let me know when you wanna get together. I’ll facebook or DM thru twitter my number.

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