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Single Mom Revolution June 23, 2009

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The Single Mom Revolution

Have you heard?

I follow a few woman’s blogs and twitter feeds who are beyond amazing to me!! 🙂 And i am not a single mom, i am a full time stay at home mom. I do all of it, while my awesome hubby works and takes care of us. But even though I’m married they still give me hope and inspiration. I enjoy reading their storys and their day to day activities. One day i might write my story. Its interesting i think, full of lots of tears, turmoil, love, big decisions… hmm. If i had the courage to write it. 🙂 There is a lot involved though. A lot happened in the past few years of my life and writing about it would be great, but well i have to let a few people aware that i will be writing it and inform them they will be on the internet. HA!! Of course i will NOT use their names. But anyway, please take some time to check these women out.I enjoy their blogs and tweeting with them i think you will as well. Please take the time to read their blogs and find their twitter pages, i will try to post their twitter pages on tomorrow i’m exhausted. But read their storys if nothing else. 🙂  Their pages are all easy to navigate around.

4 single moms and also the blog

This is the single moms  radio show that will be aired tomorrow (6/23, 10 am PT/1 pm ET

Modern Married Momma

Ms Single Mama

The Pioneer Woman

Happy Housewife

Petite Mommy


So please check these out. 🙂

( i feel like i forgot some so if soo i’m sooo sorry. 😦


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  1. Even though you’re married, you might get a kick out my blog, too! Please visit Thanks! And thanks for supporting single parents!

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