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Slacker June 23, 2009

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I know I know… i suck as a blogger. I have to do better with posting more often. 😦 I’m soo sorry.  Will the blogging world forgive me? Anyway, lots to catch up on.


Yes, i did it i killed the fail whale. 😦  I know I’m a terrible awful no good person. But, for my defense he started it by showing up on my twitter and telling me I’m twittering too much or twitter is jammed. Whatever!! He had it coming. But i did feel bad afterwards for like…. ten seconds i even thought about going to confession. But, I’m not catholic. So i said a prayer and asked for forgiveness.

(Note: The vehicle didn’t move until she was safely in her car-seat, daddy likes to do silly things like this lol.)


We got Her dedicated at church this past Sunday. It was great!! 🙂 Its kinda like an infant baptism just minus the water. We promised the church to raise her in a good Godly home. And the church promised to help us.

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My hubby got his XBOX 360 in the mail. And he was EXTREMELY excited. In fact at this moment he is setting it up. He is so adorable. I am so thankful to have him. 🙂

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Okay i have noo clue how it hot this bad. But it happens.

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Ugh!! Sooo messy!! 🙂

So, i have been thinking a lot these past couple days. For multiple reasons, one people that are near and dear to our heart have experienced this, and people we don’t know very well and those we don’t know at all. But i am talking about cheating and divorce. It is breaking my heart it really is. How can people not value marriage like this. How has marriage become such an unimportant thing? How can someone not value their spouse and their children that much?  It really upsets me when children are involved. It also scares me, I trust my husband more than anyone (he’s right below God) but its still nerve-wrecking when you see it happening so much. I just hate that all these men women and children have to go through this turmoil. I wish the value and respect and people and marriage would come back.

That being said, to all those single parents out there i have a EMENSE amount of respect for you. So i don’t want anyone to think i’m thinking any negative thoughts toward anyone. Really my heart just goes out to anyone in this situation. But i respect anyone out there who has gone through this and is moving forward. I won’t say moving on because i wonder if anyone really moves completely on from this? My mom was married to my “Father” (its in quotes because he isn’t my dad by any means) and then she remarried MY DAD. But that man without going in detail has ruined so much in my life and the lives of others. But i guess this is the point he never thought of me or my sister or his other children by other women, he isn’t even thinking of himself. Just of his wants his own selfish wants. So i guess thats it people only are thinking of their selfish wants at the moment and then they destroy lives, including theirs. Anyway, just some random thoughts.

On another note i’m doing this great bible study, that i’m very excited about. Its called Anointed Transformed Redeemed By Priscilla Shirer Beth Moore & Kay Arthur. I don’t get all of the homework done but i try. I usually try to go back when i have time through the months and finish it all up.

Anyway, i hope ALL the dads had a great Fathers Day.


2 Responses to “Slacker”

  1. jay Says:

    Pretty deep for my baby girl. I’m glad I’m your dad.

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