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Why i don’t have Cable. June 25, 2009

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Today i had to take my daughter to the doctor again… for the third time in two weeks!! But, of course if he would have just listened to me in the beginning when i told him what i thought it was this could have been taken care of last week. But let me stop being rude, and be grateful and thankful he did the x-ray and we caught it now before it got to bad. She has bronchitis! Which i just recently had, so i told him that’s probably what it was. But ya know, I’m just a 21 year old stay at home first time mom. There i go being rude again. I’m sorry. I really will try to refrain from anymore of that. I really do love her doctor he was all my siblings and my pediatrician… so he’s been our families doctor for over 21 years. Anyway, back to something maybe y’all want to hear about?!
How ironic is it that i just wrote a post about marriage and affairs and then this whole Sanford thing comes out?!! I really am disappointed. I saw it in the waiting room at the x-ray place today, because at the Pedi’s office they play cartoons (i like that much better) I really did like Sanford though. So this is like UGH!! And he has 4 kids!!! 4 Boys!!! Did he think about them or his wife or his state he is representing?!!! What will those boys think of marriage now?!! It makes me so sad. But this is why we don’t have cable because

A. its a waste of money

B. i don’t watch it now so i don’t NEED it

C. everything that comes on is negative and disappointing

I do not think what he did is okay at all. But i do hope somehow they can work through this?! I can’t imagine going through that and i can’t imagine how i would handle it. Honestly i would need my church to seriously step in and help. But anyway, I want to move on because i don’t want to talk about this any longer.

So its about 2:30 AM here, and yes i’m still up. Why?! Because I’m a women and women clean and don’t sleep when they are stressed or upset. (especially when that special month comes.) But while i was cleaning i was looking around at all we have… and btw we just started out. I am just so thankful for all that God has blessed us with. But at the same time… WE HAVE SOOO MUCH STUFF!!! And with Scarlet being our first baby i have really learned A LOT what to do what not to do… all that good information. I’m going to write a book one day. It’ll be a BEST SELLER!! y’all just wait. I have learned that for some reason you clean and organize really well at the late hours of the night. Weird considering I’m sooo tired!!  Speaking of… I’m going to bed.


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