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Yes, i am that crrazay blogging reading twittering don’t let my daughter out of my sight type. June 25, 2009

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Blogging is something i have done for a long time. I’ve had many many blogs, from Countless Myspace accounts, Bloggers,Xangas..on and on. I love to sit down and write about anything i want to. Even though i know some people won’t get what i write about or even care i still love to write. But this is purely for me. So that i can have an outlet. Something to keep me busy, outside of being a stay at home mom.

I also love to read. I probably follow over 15 blogs, and yes i do read them all. I absolutely love love love to read. I also try to read to many books at once, i just get soo excited about more than one i can’t wait to start each of them. For instance right now I’m trying to finish up The Shack. I really do mean read about anything i love to research stuff. I could stay on-line all night long (which night time is most convenient for me since i have a 6 month old) but anyway i could just stay up reading and learning about stuff i didn’t know before. From history to politics to medical just whatever!! 🙂

I am very fascinated to read about all these people that are so organic. My dream would be to have a farm and grow all our own plants and have chickens and cows… ya but that’s just  a dream. But hopefully when we get out of this apartment we will plant some vegetables.

I am also that first time mom who doesn’t want to leave her baby with anyone!! I know it really is crazy but i have become better, a very select and trusted few have watched her. This is for multiple reason besides trust issues. One being I’m afraid I’ll miss something new that she does. That would just break my heart.

Yes i am a 21 year old stay at home mom of a 6 month old and yes i have only been married since March 7, 2009. (its been a Great almost 4 months!!) No i did not marry my husband because i had his baby (seriously some of the things ppl say) I married him for his good looks Period end of story!! Anyway, Yes i love him more than anyone will ever know. My daughter and My husband are my WHOLE world. Yes my husband works. No, we are not poor. No we are not rich. I am trying to finish school, and may or may not go back to work. Why go to school if i might not go back to work? What if something happened and i had to start supporting the family? Yes sometimes i miss working.

I am slowly but surely deciding we will never need cable again. Convincing my husband of that is another story, but we haven’t had it since January.

I will home-school my daughter and any future children we have 🙂 🙂

I love and hate technology all at the same time. I love the Internet and hate it. I do twitter. I used to be a text messaging addict, but now that i have a family I’m not the cool 21 yr old i used to be. which is fine with me. Soi twitter instead and i like that. 🙂 plus lots of people at my church do it so its fun to stay in touch through the day. I think its funny that I’ve been doing all this for years and its just now becoming popular. I used to do Justintv. before that i love to browse through the channels.

I’m a total people watcher. I refuse to sit in a restaurant with my back turned towards people  (unless i have to). Because i love to observe everyone and everything.

I love my church, and i am trying everyday to build a strong faithful trusting relationship with God. It’s not easy, but not as hard as i thought. It was so much easier when i was younger and didn’t have as many choices. I’m trying to do as many bible studies as i can, it just fascinates me with how much i thought i knew but i really don’t. And then how much i know but i thought i didn’t.

I have become a complete homebody. I’m completely content with staying home, and seeing only my husband and daughter and dog and cat for days. My husband is the opposite he must get out. Which is good, he balances me out. I used to not be this way, but thing change.

One day when i have my own blog, and not one through a hosting site, (i will hopefully in a couple months) I will sit down and write MY STORY. I’m very much addicted to blogging and reading blogs. Have i said that already?


I am very happy and content with where my life is going. I hope to continue to grow in my relationship with God my husband and my daughter. 🙂


One Response to “Yes, i am that crrazay blogging reading twittering don’t let my daughter out of my sight type.”

  1. weum Says:

    =] that was a really sweet blog, i love you baby and you’re doing an awesome job. i hope to one day get you a new compy so you arnt so…well..frustrated by technology…just dont go dropping it when ever we get it =P

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