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I feel old and i’m so not old. June 29, 2009

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So i used to have this car


She was great!! She was fast, and a 5 spd!! I LOVED HER!! but it just well, wasn’t great for a baby and traveling. I miss her very much.

So my hubby dearest Bought me this!!

blog 016

Its the best!! i love her just as much!!! just for different reasons.

But, last night after grocery shopping these 4 teeny boppin iced-coffee drinkin girls were bumpin there music and flew up in front of me. So at the light i got beside them and they took off and were trying to race me. (its not like my new car is slow) I just didn’t want to be responsible for the 4 no seatbelt wearing teeny boppin iced-coffee drinkin girls wrecking. I won’t brag or anything, but i am fairly good at “takin” ppl when it comes to driving. But i couldn’t even really try, i was like i’m 21 yrs old with a 6 month old with groceries in the car. But it really did make me sad, i just kept thinking i’m soo old in this darn SUV!!! But, A. I’m not. B. Its an awesome car.So after i was done having a melt down (when i woke up this morning) lol. I realized how stupid it was. I couldn’t believe i really got upset over that. And especially when i was soo excited and so proud of myself with all the groceries we jsut bought for all the meals it would make and not much money spent i was just sooo excited!! 🙂 So i am done whining and being upset that i’m not one of those silly teeny boppin iced-coffee drinkin girls. Because instead i’m a pay my own bills drive my own car wine drinkin kids music bumpin mom!!! AND I”M PROUD TO BE THAT!!! Not to mention if they ever shout obscene things out the car at me again, i will run them over with my great car covered with great insurance and kick their…. oh wait sorry thats the red head coming out of me. No bad Lauren keep your cool. 🙂 🙂 lol.

Ohh, and most importantly i get to look at this everyday.

blog 001blog 005blog 085

Oh and my flower is still alive, and not just alive but still blooming flowers!!! 🙂 Isn’t she soo cute?!!!!


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