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The impact… July 22, 2009

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I have a 7 month old BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL!! And i have babysat since i was, hmm 8-10 years old. So, I have always seen the impact that YOU have on children. But lately I’ve noticed that my daughter is already doing some of the things I do. For instance, When we are walking out the house with a million things in hand including a baby i tend to carry my keys in my mouth (MY mother always fusses me about this to this day) so EVERY time i do what does my little girl do? She grabs the keys from me puts them in her mouth looks at me and smiles and laughs? Its like she is saying “Look Mom I can do it to”!! When we take naps, i lay on my side and lay a certain way my hands and everything go the same way every time i sleep. Well, i have noticed she sleeps the SAME way. At first thinking about it i was like ohh this is soo cool and cute then i thought, i need to be more careful and aware! My daughter is probably going to be just like me so i need to make sure she is the best parts of me!

On another note, she is going through some seperation anxiety. I am sure it could be much worse, its not that bad. But it is still pretty bad. If i need to walk away and she notices i am gone she cries and gets upset, sometimes i’ll pick her up but i’ve been trying to just make her notice her toys and give her a paci. I don’t want her to be completley inpendant of me, but at the same time i want to be able to shower. And let me just say i FIRMLY believe the first 7 months of her life have gone so well because i built up such a strong bond/trust with her. I know that she knows i will be there if she needs me. So how do you do with or have dealt with the seperation anxiety?

I am a stay at home mom, and we are trying to be “money smart” so i don’t go galloping the town and wasting gas like i would love to. So what are your ideas of things to do while i am at home? Any…?! What do you do?

Lately i have been getting some nasty e-mails about me being a young mom….

At first i was very defensive, then i was hurt, then i was mad.

Now, i am just fed up with them. So this is all i will say. I have since the DAY she was born taken care of her. I do it all, she is my life and i will always do everything i can to give her what she needs. If you think i am doing a horrible job, and that i’m going to hell i am sorry. You have every right to think you have the right to judge me and my ability to be a mom. But I am not going to continue to indulge your mean-ness. I do KNOW i am a good mom! And thats the end of that.

And at the end of the day i made the Most Beautifulist baby in the world!!!

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This HUGE thing called Credit July 21, 2009

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We are newly married newly parents and newly starting out life, therefore we have NONE!! But my husband he makes a decent amount, and yet we have no way to get us (significant) credit so we can get into a house. I am pretty sad about it, i was hoping to be in a house by christmas. So i have been pouting and being really sad. I couldn’t even bring myself to write. Which is always a sign its bad with me. LOL!!! But, on another note due to all this hormonal mess i really am getting some good cleaning and organizing out of it. 🙂

On a more exciting note my Avon selling is taking off well. 🙂  My last night of the bible study i was doing is tomorrow. COMPLETELY random thought i think i want to go to new york for christmas. 🙂 WOULD THAT NOT BE SOO FUN!?!

Anyway i have to go to bed, i already stayed out later than my hubby wanted me to as it is. ( i was hanging out with his mom)


Avon!! July 17, 2009

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Hello Everyone,
I wanted to take the time to introduce and invite you to the start of my business. I am now an Avon Representative! I’m very excited about the many opportunities this is going to bring me. As in any business the beginning is crucial, so I am hoping many of you will help support my new business. I have catalogs you can look at, and if your interested in knowing more about starting your own business where you pick your hours I would be thrilled to discuss that as well. I look forward to throwing many “Themed” Avon parties in the future!! I just can’t tell you enough how excited I am!! Once again, I really hope you all will contact me for further information. I will be happy to come to your house and show you a catalog, or give you some to show to your co-workers and friends and family. Also, I am a ERepresentative so  please check out MY personal Avon website. You can purchase directly from ME from this website.
Thanks Everyone!!
Lauren Sears

I’m soo excited I have great ideas and plans working up. So stay tuned.


Refreshed July 14, 2009

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I woke up this morning about an hour ago feeling refreshed and FULL of ideas!! 🙂 I’m pretty excited. Not to mention my baby girl is sitting beside me coo’in and babbling up a storm! Its just so darn cute when she does it! Don’t you love it though when you wake up with so many creative idea’s running through your head?

Yesterday when Mr.Hubby came home i told him i have started working on the word no with my 7 month old. Just to get her familiar and so she knows what it means. I figured it can’t hurt to start her early? My husband kindly asks, so, hows that working. I laughed and said not so well. But, its okay i don’t expect it to for a while. Yesterday she was being so cuddly i think she knew i wasn’t having a good day. Mr.Hubby was a little upset and asked why she never cuddles with him. Which she does ALL the time he was just being bratty. 😉

Anyway, i have a lot to work on. Lists to proofread and make into more detailed plans. 🙂

But before i do let me just let you see how i was reflecting on our wedding earlier this morning. 🙂 it really was soo beautiful.



Organizing it never ever ends!!

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Today consisted of lots of crying and lots of cleaning. What do you expect?! My hormones are all over the place. Aunt FLO still really hasn’t come back, so i am just up and down and sideways and just wrong!! I avoided all phone calls i could. But i could only cry of course while my daughter was napping. While she was awake, we played and had fun. When nothing else can brighten my day, she ALWAYS can. 🙂 Today didn’t start out like this, I’m not exactly sure how it turned in to this. But this blog post will be grim. I’m sorry. 😦 On the bright side i cooked baked spaghetti and it was YUMMY!!! 🙂 Also i put up a disclosure and product review page. I am working REALLY hard to get our house organized. I’m like a wild tiger on the loose!! I am spring cleaning in the VERY VERY HOT summer. I made a command center finally which i am excited about. It really has been a good release. I read an interestingly sad article in the paper. Once again this is why we don’t have cable you can read that HERE So anyway, i need to have a serious quiet time with GOD so i’ll post again later. Obviously note the Good bad ugly or sad i’m going to post. 🙂 🙂 Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

On a funny note my Mr.Hubby is a sleep talker. Not the normal babbling type. He is a off the wall bizarre totally not make me yell to him to get back into bed. (but if i did it wouldn’t be becuase its 3 in the morning) So he’ll do things like go talk to walls or doors or see things that are not there then tell me about them. Tell me to get up out of bed to go iron his clothes then when i don’t do it he will get upset with me. Tell me to get out of bed so he can make the bed. Then if i try to tell him he is saying wierd things again he will get mad and say NO I’M NOT LISTEN TO ME!! Or something along those lines. So then i tell him to go to bed and he will really get mad and pout and throw himself over onto his side and go back to sleep. 🙂 I love my hubby!! He is so crazy great lovely handsome!! 🙂


July 13, 2009

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Today at church we are doing the ONE PRAYER mission. So Pastor Phillip spoke, his prayer was for passion. That we would have passion in all that we do. But among that message something he said really hit me. How Christians constantly judge one another especially other churches. I found this to be soo harshly true. And i have been trying so hard, not to think ANY negative thoughts about people. I try to always turn a bad thought into a good one right away. It is so easy to right off the bat say OH MY LOOK AT HER OR HIM OR THEM!!! When me myself is NOT WITHOUT SIN!!! So why do i judge so much. Then i got to thinking how easily we gossip. So, i am making it my goal to eliminate this out of my life. I really really am!! I’ve been trying its made me feel better, but i am going to put a lot more effort into it. Also, when i am in church holding my little girl i dance with her and sing, but when i am by myself i stand there stiff and lip sing. WHY?!! Why am i so afraid to get into the Spirit. I feel it when i am standing there, i am just to afraid to let it out? Probably fear of being judged. On a different not i was talking to some people about tweeting and blogging. I am trying to PUSH as many people as i can into blogging and tweeting. 🙂 I am slowly converting everyone!! One person at a time!! Its late and i only got three hours of sleep last night so i really really must go to bed. Goodnight!

Matthew 10:24-33 24 A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his lord.25 It is enough for the disciple that he be as his teacher, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more them of his household!26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.27 What I tell you in the darkness, speak ye in the light; and what ye hear in the ear, proclaim upon the house-tops.28 And be not afraid of them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? and not one of them shall fall on the ground without your Father:30 but the very hairs of your head are all numbered.31 Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.32 Every one therefore who shall confess me before men, him will I also confess before my Father who is in heaven.33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father who is in heaven.

How easy we convince ourselves of things we do not need. Living on one income is hard, but its even harder in a time like this. Everyone judges you by what you wear
what you drive what computer you use what your children wear. I am soo grateful for everything God has blessed me with! But, lately i have really been wanting more.Things just haven’t been going well. Its the typical i want this much goodness but i want it NOW. I know i have been very selfish. Lately i have been thinking about going back to work. My daughter is almost 7 months old. I have been home with her everyday of her life!! So the thought is very hard very heartbreaking, but i want my family to have everything. So this is the delima going on at our house TO WORK OR NOT TO WORK. Of course Mr.Hubby the great man he is says i don’t have to but if i want to i can. He want make my decision for me!! LoL!! So i am just going to continue to pray and decide what decision is right for us. So stay at home moms and working moms do you have any advice?!


We have a tooth!! July 12, 2009

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In case you don’t already know by reading my SUPER LONG about me section. I have a now almost 7 month old girl. 🙂 She is AMAZZZING. She also has a tooth that broke through. You can feel it, its sharp. But i couldn’t get a picture of it. And not for lack of trying, she barely lets me touch it, look at it, play with it etc..let alone stick a camera in her mouth to take a picture!! 🙂 but that’s okay i know its there. So i am very excited about this!! I realize i didn’t finish the last post, that is because i am not done organizing and getting rid of but don’t worry i will finish it!! I hope to finish up tomorrow. Well, i’m headed to bed

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She is getting so big, and doing so many things. Like she has figured out how to get into everything, and she doesn’t crawl but she does Scooch. She either rolls where she wants to go or scoochs she will left her butt in the air then back down until she has scooched where she wants to be. By the way i don’t know if you spell scooch like this or not?!! Anyway, today while organizing she was sitting on the bed kinda near the end and she pulled herself by the covers to the very end and grabbed the iron rod ( i have an iron sleigh bed I LOVE IT) and was pulling herself off!! SHE IS A MONKEY!! But an adorable one 😛  So, ya i have to watch her closely. Today i had to buy a memory card for my phone because i have over 300 pictures and over 10 videos and my phone finally had no more memory so i got a card. 🙂 A 2GB the women said you’ll never fill this up trust my I’ve had mine for over a year and still haven’t. I wanted to say women i take 20-50 pictures a day just on my camera you have no idea how quickly i will fill this up. lol. but i didn’t. We also ate out at Chili’s tonight for dinner. Not by my choice, Mr.Hubby really wanted to so i said okay. It was okay. I really really hate eating out though. I much would rather eat at home with a good cooked meal. But, oh well. It was his treat for helping with the laundry i guess. While we were there though, Scarlet was in the high chair (using the ADORABLE highchair/grocery buggy cover i got) and she kept leaning over trying to get out or something i don’t know. So we put her in her car seat and got one of those car seat holders. So she was in her car seat and then she kept scrunching down trying to get out. SO…. we strapped her in then she proceeded to push on the table and tried to flip herself and the car seat on the floor. It really was cute, because she isn’t doing any of this on purpose of course she’s only 7 months old. She is just EXTREMELY fascinated by all the new things she has discovered she wants to use and do everything she can. Like her feet she loves her feet putting them up discovering what they can do. The other day at the mall she had managed to get the tray down off the stroller with jsut her feet. Here are a few more cute pictures.

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This is us watching Momversation!! 🙂  I love it you have to check it out.

I love my Babygirl she is sooo darn cute!! Cute, hmm no she is BEAUTIFUL!!

**Okay, i am not going to brag but i am fairly good at spelling things so this is realy bothering me that i can’t spell scooched. But, don’t tell me how to spell it. I have to figure these things out on my own. I also refuse to use spell check or google unless i just CAN’T figure it out after a few days of thinking on it.

Okay, bedtime everyone!!