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Eating Out. July 6, 2009

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I don’t like it really anymore. Maybe because its so darn expensive and being a stay at home mom (meaning we live off one income) means we don’t have a ton of extra money. Besides for the same price i can cook like 5 meals!!!i’m sure you already knew this as did i. But before i didn’t care and it was the least of my prioritys. So now that my family is my number one besides God, it is a big big priority. But i was looking at our finances, i do them in our family. For multiple reasons, i’m organized, i remember to write things down…and because William trusts me to do it. So i was looking and i realized we really have saved sooo much money over the past few months. So all this “penny pinching” really is paying off. 🙂 Growing up is hard, but its rewarding. And i am sooo glad that things are the way they are. I am so blessed. I love God, My husband and My daughter!!!

Oh P.S. The largest network aka the People that follow me around and give me service are slacking in a big way, and its making me mad, celluar service… and internet are tickin me off!!!!!!!!!!!

So i’ll just look at pictures like this to cheer me up!!

camping 112


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