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July 11, 2009

Filed under: life — misslaurenn @ 4:35 pm

So today i am in the midst of getting rid of clothes and junk! It’s going well so far, hopefully i will actually be able to get rid of a lot. I just took a break to eat some lunch with my hubby. 🙂 But, when i am actually done with everything i will post pictures of what I’ve accomplished. While i am on this topic!! WHY OHH WHY is it soo hard to get rid of stuff? I mean really, i don’t wear these items anymore or use these DoDads but somehow i convince myself i will. WHY?!! i am tired of having wayy too much stuff. It just stresses me out to get rid of ANYTHING. My very nice husband was gracious enough to let me sleep in a little this morning. It was kinda cute though because of course if baby was up i was too on edge to sleep. So i just laid here in bed and listened to her squeal and laugh with her daddy and play in her exersaucer. But i finally went out into the living room and started playing with her too, ohh did i mention my husband was also playing on his X Box Live while playing with her. 😉 So as we are playing and yelping and making all kinds of funny noise i realize everyone on his little X Box Live can hear me!! I was very embarrassed!! But she is starting to be able to get into the crawling position. She stay on all fours for about a minute or less then fall. Its sooo cute!! And she is really getting good at being in the sitting position!! It is just so amazing to me to see her grow and develop. In fact today she is wearing a very adorable shirt that says watch me grow and it has flowers being watered on it. 🙂 🙂 SOOO CUTE!! Well, i will post more later.


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