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We have a tooth!! July 12, 2009

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In case you don’t already know by reading my SUPER LONG about me section. I have a now almost 7 month old girl. 🙂 She is AMAZZZING. She also has a tooth that broke through. You can feel it, its sharp. But i couldn’t get a picture of it. And not for lack of trying, she barely lets me touch it, look at it, play with it etc..let alone stick a camera in her mouth to take a picture!! 🙂 but that’s okay i know its there. So i am very excited about this!! I realize i didn’t finish the last post, that is because i am not done organizing and getting rid of but don’t worry i will finish it!! I hope to finish up tomorrow. Well, i’m headed to bed

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She is getting so big, and doing so many things. Like she has figured out how to get into everything, and she doesn’t crawl but she does Scooch. She either rolls where she wants to go or scoochs she will left her butt in the air then back down until she has scooched where she wants to be. By the way i don’t know if you spell scooch like this or not?!! Anyway, today while organizing she was sitting on the bed kinda near the end and she pulled herself by the covers to the very end and grabbed the iron rod ( i have an iron sleigh bed I LOVE IT) and was pulling herself off!! SHE IS A MONKEY!! But an adorable one 😛  So, ya i have to watch her closely. Today i had to buy a memory card for my phone because i have over 300 pictures and over 10 videos and my phone finally had no more memory so i got a card. 🙂 A 2GB the women said you’ll never fill this up trust my I’ve had mine for over a year and still haven’t. I wanted to say women i take 20-50 pictures a day just on my camera you have no idea how quickly i will fill this up. lol. but i didn’t. We also ate out at Chili’s tonight for dinner. Not by my choice, Mr.Hubby really wanted to so i said okay. It was okay. I really really hate eating out though. I much would rather eat at home with a good cooked meal. But, oh well. It was his treat for helping with the laundry i guess. While we were there though, Scarlet was in the high chair (using the ADORABLE highchair/grocery buggy cover i got) and she kept leaning over trying to get out or something i don’t know. So we put her in her car seat and got one of those car seat holders. So she was in her car seat and then she kept scrunching down trying to get out. SO…. we strapped her in then she proceeded to push on the table and tried to flip herself and the car seat on the floor. It really was cute, because she isn’t doing any of this on purpose of course she’s only 7 months old. She is just EXTREMELY fascinated by all the new things she has discovered she wants to use and do everything she can. Like her feet she loves her feet putting them up discovering what they can do. The other day at the mall she had managed to get the tray down off the stroller with jsut her feet. Here are a few more cute pictures.

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This is us watching Momversation!! 🙂  I love it you have to check it out.

I love my Babygirl she is sooo darn cute!! Cute, hmm no she is BEAUTIFUL!!

**Okay, i am not going to brag but i am fairly good at spelling things so this is realy bothering me that i can’t spell scooched. But, don’t tell me how to spell it. I have to figure these things out on my own. I also refuse to use spell check or google unless i just CAN’T figure it out after a few days of thinking on it.

Okay, bedtime everyone!!