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Avon!! July 17, 2009

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Hello Everyone,
I wanted to take the time to introduce and invite you to the start of my business. I am now an Avon Representative! I’m very excited about the many opportunities this is going to bring me. As in any business the beginning is crucial, so I am hoping many of you will help support my new business. I have catalogs you can look at, and if your interested in knowing more about starting your own business where you pick your hours I would be thrilled to discuss that as well. I look forward to throwing many “Themed” Avon parties in the future!! I just can’t tell you enough how excited I am!! Once again, I really hope you all will contact me for further information. I will be happy to come to your house and show you a catalog, or give you some to show to your co-workers and friends and family. Also, I am a ERepresentative so  please check out MY personal Avon website. You can purchase directly from ME from this website.
Thanks Everyone!!
Lauren Sears

I’m soo excited I have great ideas and plans working up. So stay tuned.


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