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This HUGE thing called Credit July 21, 2009

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We are newly married newly parents and newly starting out life, therefore we have NONE!! But my husband he makes a decent amount, and yet we have no way to get us (significant) credit so we can get into a house. I am pretty sad about it, i was hoping to be in a house by christmas. So i have been pouting and being really sad. I couldn’t even bring myself to write. Which is always a sign its bad with me. LOL!!! But, on another note due to all this hormonal mess i really am getting some good cleaning and organizing out of it. 🙂

On a more exciting note my Avon selling is taking off well. 🙂  My last night of the bible study i was doing is tomorrow. COMPLETELY random thought i think i want to go to new york for christmas. 🙂 WOULD THAT NOT BE SOO FUN!?!

Anyway i have to go to bed, i already stayed out later than my hubby wanted me to as it is. ( i was hanging out with his mom)