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July 11, 2009

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So today i am in the midst of getting rid of clothes and junk! It’s going well so far, hopefully i will actually be able to get rid of a lot. I just took a break to eat some lunch with my hubby. 🙂 But, when i am actually done with everything i will post pictures of what I’ve accomplished. While i am on this topic!! WHY OHH WHY is it soo hard to get rid of stuff? I mean really, i don’t wear these items anymore or use these DoDads but somehow i convince myself i will. WHY?!! i am tired of having wayy too much stuff. It just stresses me out to get rid of ANYTHING. My very nice husband was gracious enough to let me sleep in a little this morning. It was kinda cute though because of course if baby was up i was too on edge to sleep. So i just laid here in bed and listened to her squeal and laugh with her daddy and play in her exersaucer. But i finally went out into the living room and started playing with her too, ohh did i mention my husband was also playing on his X Box Live while playing with her. 😉 So as we are playing and yelping and making all kinds of funny noise i realize everyone on his little X Box Live can hear me!! I was very embarrassed!! But she is starting to be able to get into the crawling position. She stay on all fours for about a minute or less then fall. Its sooo cute!! And she is really getting good at being in the sitting position!! It is just so amazing to me to see her grow and develop. In fact today she is wearing a very adorable shirt that says watch me grow and it has flowers being watered on it. 🙂 🙂 SOOO CUTE!! Well, i will post more later.


Amazon Kindle-And giving your children an allowance. July 9, 2009

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The Kindle has been out for a while now, but of course the price has not dropped. There for i will not be having one anytime soon. But i still would like one! It could never replace real books but the convenience it will have for being on the go would be nice. I just wish they weren’t so $$$   I am one of those types that takes the whole world and my kitchen sink along with me in my purse, so this would be extremely nice to have. Not to mention it’d be great for my back!! It gets painfully heavy carrying around so many books in my purse!! You can also get certain magazines and newspapers!!

Ohh the baby is crying i will continue this later!!!

Okay back to it. 🙂

So, in conclusion i would love to try out to Kindle one day.

This week has really flown by!! It’s already practically Friday! This weekend will not be filled with anything too amazzing. I have to do some shopping so that will be exciting. I am buying my sister some things for her baby boy (he’ll be here sometime by the end of the month) I am very excited. I just adjusted our budget and that made me less stressed. 🙂 I am convinced even if we had thousands left over every month after we paid our bills I’d still be stressed. Money is EVIL!!

But OBVIOUSLY She likes it!!


She is actually i little con-artist. I was trying to put them in my wallet and she starting coo’in and making noise, so i stop dropped the money and started playing with her. She then proceeded to scrunch over and grab the money then make this face!! LOL!!! THIEF!! She is all like i got it!!! (and then she whispers to me) Look mom i know i totally just stole this from you but seeing how i can’t walk and all i can’t really drive so I’m gonna need you to take me to babies-r-us… NOW!! 🙂

I have some idea’s going through my head just have to figure out how to play them all out. 🙂 So, we will see in the coming future how that all works out.

I recently read a Momversation about giving your children allowance. SSSooo i thought i’d hit on this. Since obviously we have a money issue in our house. I mean what kinda almost 7 month old steals money!?!! 😉  So, here is my view. I think when she gets older (and i will start her as soon as she can walk) i will teach her to do the everyday things. More and more and she can do more. As simple as picking up toys throwing away her food after she is done helping to make her bed helping to fold her clothes. The typical normal stuff. But, and of course this will be later. When she can do some of the unusual things of course she’ll be young so this will all be an attempt to do these things but it is the thought that counts. But say she dusts, or helps sweep (with a little kid sized broom i totally saw one the other day 🙂 ) anyway things like that i think she could be given a little allowance. But after listening in i like two other ideas as well that i will instill.

  • Save Some, Tithe Some, Spend Some
  • Whatever work she does (I’ll help her of course) she’ll make an invoice and record work done and how much i owe her for the services rendered.
  • Make sure she understands that this is a reward and not something she has to get and it can be taken away for poor behavior or poor attitude.
  • Make sure she understands the importance of saving and tithing. AND COME ON SPENDING. 🙂

SO this is what i think and this is my plan. Hopefully with discipline and diligence it can work for us. What do you think of an allowance? DO you think its teaching kids something good or bad? If you use it how do you do it?


Book Club…. July 7, 2009

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SO i am a book LOVER!!! Its my addiction, my lust, my i can’t get enough!! But, i have a serious issue. I read about 5 books at one time. Its not a good thing at all, ONLY because it takes much longer to finish them. I have no problem following all the books. I just get so excited i can’t wait and just read one!! I finally finished The Shack. Great book!! If you read it don’t take it to heart as it being completly factual or anything. But it really has some good insight. I am now reading For Women Only, In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day, A Bible study called Anointed Transformed Redeemed, The Bible, and this new one i just got by Jodi Picoult, is that how you spell it? hmm. It is called Harvesting The Heart. It seems very good. She is a GREAT Author. The movie My Sisters Keeper she wrote the book. I have a rule, i wish everyone else kept the same rule. Please always read the book before you see the movie. The book is almost ALWAYS better. In this case its the same way. Book is wayy better.If you have any good ideas of books for me to read please let me know!! Oh i also am in the process of odering Couple WHo Pray Together the 40 Day Challenge. 🙂

On a different note, we have begun the process of getting a house. I am not sure if i have expressed this enough but i do greatly hate our apartment. I love it sometimes. Its a very nice apartment, the parts i hate well one part really. THe kitchen!! Its terrible. The oven/stove doesn’t work good AT ALL and i scrub on my hands and knee’s and the floor still never really gets as clean as i want. But it is just an apartment which is why we want out. We have enjoyed it though.

My daughter is soo darn cute btw!! She can sit by herself she is perfecting that everyday!! And now she is trying to get into the “crawling” position. THey grow soo fast. It really is amazing though to see her do all these things. I am so glad God has allowed me to be a stay at home mom.

Anyway, i have my bible study tonight and i am very excited about that. I hope everyone has a good day/week.

camping 295


Eating Out. July 6, 2009

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I don’t like it really anymore. Maybe because its so darn expensive and being a stay at home mom (meaning we live off one income) means we don’t have a ton of extra money. Besides for the same price i can cook like 5 meals!!!i’m sure you already knew this as did i. But before i didn’t care and it was the least of my prioritys. So now that my family is my number one besides God, it is a big big priority. But i was looking at our finances, i do them in our family. For multiple reasons, i’m organized, i remember to write things down…and because William trusts me to do it. So i was looking and i realized we really have saved sooo much money over the past few months. So all this “penny pinching” really is paying off. 🙂 Growing up is hard, but its rewarding. And i am sooo glad that things are the way they are. I am so blessed. I love God, My husband and My daughter!!!

Oh P.S. The largest network aka the People that follow me around and give me service are slacking in a big way, and its making me mad, celluar service… and internet are tickin me off!!!!!!!!!!!

So i’ll just look at pictures like this to cheer me up!!

camping 112


July 4th Weekend!!

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I had a great weekend!! The hubby me and our beautiful daughter (who is almsot 7months old) and my parents went. We borrowed a camper of a family who is near and dear to our hearts!! It was very fun. I enjoyed the company of my parents being there. I especially know my mom enjoyed getting out of the house. We cooked out everyday, except Saturday for dinner we went out and ate dinner at The Oyster Factory. We went to the mall, the book store, one of my favorite stores to get AWESOME clothes for affordable prices… TJ MAXX. 🙂 i also love ROSS. Its been a crazy few weeks, i’m looking forward to it slowing down. But, who am i fooling. HA!! I doubt it will. But i am getting to the end of my bible study, and i recently watched some video’s and i really.. hmm. It’s hitting me and bringing me to a different place.

If your married read the womens part first then the mens then the man watch the women and the women watch the mans. Its a very good video. But, just know the mans is intense!!

Here are some pictures from this weekend!!

This is Mars Hill Church it is a different kind of church, but i love the messages they give.